About Me

About Brick Red Burrow

Brick Red Burrow is a place of solace, it feels like home. It is about the earthy magnetism of handmade wares created with heritage techniques and processes; the rich colors that come alive like tangerine, indigo, saffron to name a few; it’s about products well made and design that makes sense to everyone from the maker to the user.

We’ll look at creative ideas that have come full circle in handmade wares, homes, gardens, boutique hotels amongst others.

About Me

Hi, I am Seemantini. Thank you for visiting Brick Red Burrow which is my space to channel a long-standing penchant for artisanal wares and beauty that resonates with my aesthetic sensibilities.

I worked in the Corporate and third sector before heading to graduate school at University of Pennsylvania. I graduated with a dual degree from School of Social Policy & Practice and Wharton Business School specialising in Management of Nonprofits & Social Ventures.

Currently, I am an engagement manager and consultant for social ventures. I utilize my skills in strategic planning, cross sector collaboration, branding & marketing communications to actively setup, build and scale organizations with a greater cause. My primary areas of focus include reviving heritage crafts, décor and design, organic farming and sustainable supply chains. In my free time I take on photography and writing assignments.

To get in touch with me, write here : brickredburrow(at)gmail(dot)com

All pictures on Brick Red Burrow are the copyright of Seemantini Mihir unless otherwise credited. 


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