Maps : Soulful Souvenirs

Maps are wonderful: they guide and keep us from getting lost. And are soulful souvenirs. I’ve retained a(tleast one) map of every place I’ve been to in a box and neatly tucked it away. My hope is that I’ll get around to framing them and using them as wall decor along with an assortment of pictures.

Maps make excellent wall decor, if framed well. The illustrated kind are even prettier, don’t you think?

I recently came across the interesting brother and sister collaboration, They Draw & Travel – a website where you can find yourself illustrations of maps by artists from around the world are collated.  It also has useful nooks for art professors, parents, art directors and lovers. It is a sister-concern of They Draw & Cook – a website that features recipes illustrated by artists from around the world.

I particularly, love this Paris illustration highlighting the historic, iconic and eclectic, Shakespeare & Company. It draws me back to the time when M and I lived in Fontainebleau. Whenever we to Paris we always stopped by the bookstore after strolls by the Seine and gelato at Amorino. This was not just a book paradise, it was a refuge of sorts and a refreshing corner in Notredame.


Hark! 'tis Paris!Of Paris and a tribute to Shakespeare & Company by Sara Wasserboehr


Skip over to They Draw & Travel and see if you might just find an illustration of a place you visited and loved. Then download. Credit. Print. Frame. Make a wall pretty! Voila!




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