Travel to the Valley

I took SO many pictures on our fabulous trip to the Kathmandu Valley in late 2012, that I have to make a series of it now. It was the first time I was visiting with M. Previously, I stayed in the then mountain ‘Kingdom’ for over a month with a dear friend who’s hometown it is.

I was so glad that much of Kathmandu city itself, hadn’t changed much other than becoming more denser, pot-holed and populated. I was glad to discover  some new joints, but more happy to revisit some of my favorite nooks, restaurants and the valley’s well-preserved, historic Durbar squares.

We commenced our journey with an overnight stay in a quaint and red-rich Mountain resort in Dhulikel followed by  a gorgeous wedding of M’s friend. The wedding was teeming with fun, A Nepali theme, great food and tons of M’s B-school friends who were travelling from around the world.

We concluded our journey with a stay in a Heritage Hotel, an oasis of cultural and historic preservation and fine example of how anything historic can be made relevant to our everyday living. All of this in the week to come! 



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