Earth Haven, Banasura Hill Resort

I knew from all the ‘looking’ that I did online that we were headed to an earth haven, nestled in the tropical forests of Wayanad. As we drove up the altitude, the wafts of fresh air, the thriving plantations with their splash of green and vibrancy welcomed us. 
Set in a bounteous locale at the foot of the Banasura Hill, the Banasura Hill Resort is a charmer of a place. The ambience abounds in luxuriant green,  the locale is scenic with misty mountains descending with the sunrise and sunset. The architecture merges with its environs seamlessly.

‘Built using mud excavated from the very site that it stands on, the resort is a fine example of Rammed Earth Architecture, and a glowing tribute to vernacular construction methods.’* 

The decor is minimalistic, the color palette earthy and everything made with natural materials.

The view from our room window on one side looked out to banana, pepper and coffee plantation, and on the other side a lovely little pond.

The property has a beautiful waterfall where we walked to one of the days and since it was just us, we got to own the scene. On another day we drove an hour to get to Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Islands, a 950-acre forest area comprised of three densely wooded uninhabited islands where we joined some Kuruchiya Tribal ladies in planting their organic paddy crop. More on that in another post soon.

The place is serene and quiet through the day. It’s only the sound of birds chirping, leaves rustling that will reach your ears. Come sun down, the cricket and frog concert envelopes an otherwise still night.

Banasura Hill Resort makes for a captivating, rejuvenating and soul-nourishing vacation. And if you are accompanied by a camera, you will be click-happy, the way I was.

*Banasura Hill Resort Website


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